Financial Relief

In English law, an application for financial relief following the presentation of a petition for divorce, nullity or judicial separation is described as ancillary relief. The term arises because the financial application is ‘ancillary’ to the petition.

When the parties to a marriage divorce, they will inevitably have to consider the financial arrangements between themselves and any children of the family. In such cases, the court have to consider the financial needs and resources of each of the parties to the marriage and the needs of any children will be paramount.
The court can order:
  • Lump sum payments
  • Property adjustment orders (which may require a property to be transferred to either the husband or the wife)
  • Periodical payments (commonly known as maintenance and which can be either for the wife or the children or both)

The court  can also in appropriate cases consider whether the parties financial relationship should be terminated and order a “clean break”.

Our Divorce and associated Family Matters are handled by:

  • Linda Berry (Member of the Institute of Legal Executives)

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